Dermatologist + Nutritionist = Edible Beauty! 

Gervaise and Jessica LOVE sweets and rely on snack bars for on-the-go energy given their busy calendars and frequent travel. 

Both women were independently seeking a plant-based bar that could provide energy and satisfy their post-meal sweet tooth, while beautifying from the inside out – but that bar did not exist.

They tried low-carb, low-sugar bars - but these bars often contain milk-based protein powders and artificial sweeteners. They tried vegan bars - but these bars tend to be higher in calories/sugar and often contain processed soy.

So, the two ladies put their heads together to create THE BAR by the SKINny experts...a delicious, plant-based, vegan, gluten-free energy bar low in calories and sugar and packed with satiating protein and fiber.

As insinuated by its name, the SKINny experts bar is specifically designed to enhance one's complexion. Gervaise and Jessica spent months experimenting with beauty-boosting ingredients to create a fabulous-tasting recipe that incorporates various vitamins and antioxidants necessary for healthy, radiant skin.